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Our Coach, Leader, Friend


The news of Coach Pardee's illness spread very quickly in late 2012. When I contacted Jack's son (and Gamblers "ball boy") Ted Pardee for an update in March of 2013, it became apparent that the Coach was in the final days of his journey. Ted made it clear that his dad was happy, content, and had no regrets about the things he had accomplished in his lifetime. My correspondence with Ted, as well as statements by "The First Gambler" Kiki DeAyala and Gamblers General Partner Jay Roulier, will be preserved here to document the end of a chapter. The next chapter continues to be written by Jack's family, colleagues, players and fans.

Statement from "The First Gambler"
Julian "Kiki" DeAyala

There are many people that come through our lives and make an impression. However, there are very few that come through our lives and leave a blueprint of how you wish you could be. The passing of Jack Pardee yesterday is reminder of a man that taught me so much on the field, but his legacy is what he taught all who played for him, and who knew him off the field. Jack's story of his football career as a player and coach is well known. For those of us that knew him, Jack's impact on how to live your life is his greatest coaching achievement. Thank you Jack, rest in peace Coach.

Kiki DeAyala

Statement from Gamblers' General Partner Jay Roulier


As an owner of the Houston Gamblers, I can tell you that Jack Pardee was a gentleman, a great linebacker and did a fine job as head coach of the Gamblers. He had a wonderful rapport with everyone and did an outstanding job with our young team. Football has lost one of its great men, and he will be missed by friends, teammates and former players.


The Latest from Ted Pardee

April 3, 2013


I have received many great individual emails from you all - and apologize for not being able to get back to you individually at this point. Once things settle down I will be in touch. Please know that your friendship and kind words have meant the world to me and my mom and the rest of the Pardee family. We are finalizing the plans for the service, and I wanted to pass along the information to you before it is out to the general public.

Plans for the funeral of Jack Pardee:

Sunday, April 7th from 2-4pm Visitation, 4-5pm Rosary


George H. Lewis & Sons

Ten Ten Bering Drive

Houston Texas, 77057-2110


Monday, April 8th at 10am – Funeral Services


St. Michael Catholic Church

1801 Sage Road

Houston Texas, 77056


And, again for those that wish to participate in the Scholarship fund that has been set up in my Dads name, please use the following as the best way to participate:

Jack Pardee Memorial Scholarship Fund Endowment in the Department of Athletics

Payable to: Jack Pardee Memorial Scholarship Fund

C/O Cougar Pride

3100 Cullen Blvd, Suite 2004

Houston Texas 77204-6004

Our contact at Cougar Pride is Gabe Tippy – his email is ptippy@central.uh.edu if you want to get more info.

I hope to see you at the Rosary, the funeral or both.

God Bless!

Ted Pardee


The Latest from Ted Pardee

April 1, 2013


Just a quick note to let you all know that my dad passed away today in Denver. Dad was a 2 time cancer survivor, but this third time was a tough one. Thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers - it has meant a lot to me and my family the past couple of months. More information will be along shortly regarding the funeral services which will be in Houston; I hope you are able to attend.

In lieu of flowers, please consider making a donation to:

The Jack Pardee Memorial Scholarship

Endowment in the Department of Athletics at the University of Houston

When my father was diagnosed back around Thanksgiving, we were able to have many great conversations about the past, and the future. One conversation was around what his lasting legacy would be. He truly loved the time spent at the University of Houston, and wanted to find a way to help a deserving, hardworking, dedicated athlete who might not have the means to pay for their own college tuition. He could have offered his name to a lot of different charities or scholarship funds, but this was what my dad wanted to do. I hope you will join our family in support of this worthy fund.

More information will be made available regarding the funeral in the coming days. I will be back in touch with the details when I have them.

God Bless,

Ted Pardee


A Message from Ted Pardee

March 20, 2013

To the fans and family of the Houston Gamblers,

To update you on my dad's status -- it pains me to tell you that he is in the final stages of his battle with cancer. I was in Denver (where he is living with my mom) last week and dad is now very frail, but has not given up the fight. We don't have a lot of time left, and the toll that the cancer has taken on his whole body is really tough for all to take. He is not going to be able to do any interviews unfortunately, and we don't want to put that pressure or stress on him at this time. I will pass along the kind words, and let him know you were asking about him, and if you could please keep him and my mom in your prayers as we approach the end of his life.

One side note - our family is setting up a scholarship at the University of Houston in dads name -- the Jack Pardee Memorial Scholarship fund -- and it is my dad's wish for it to be established to help fund athletic scholarships to help kids who might not be able to pay for college on their own, but have shown the hard work and commitment to walk on in their given sport. Dad played 6-man football back in High School in the little west Texas town of Christoval, and it was his own hard work and dedication that allowed him to get a chance to play college football. Dad wants to help someone that is in the same situation -- and we Pardee's are going to make sure we do whatever we can to help his dream come true. So, when the time comes, instead of flowers or other gifts of condolence, we hope folks will send a donation (of any size) to the fund and join our family in keeping my dad's dream alive. Our initial goal is $25K -- they can’t fund any scholarships until we reach that threshold, and hopefully we will get there in short order. Dad has always had a big heart, he loved his tenure at UH just as he did the Gamblers (and was my coach there) and this is one way that our family really believes that his legacy will be one that lives on in the form of a deserving student athlete.

Please spread the word that THE ONLY scholarship that my father has been a part of setting up is the Jack Pardee Memorial Scholarship fund at The University of Houston. The unfortunate thing is that other organizations are trying to use my dads name to help them raise money, but his wishes are to support The Universities where his children and grand children have attended -- and those are TCU and U of H. Dad wanted to create a scholarship to help a walk on athlete, and UH is a school that could really use his support.

The Gambler years were great times for me, as I was a ball boy and a high school kid at the time -- and built many lasting friendships from those days. I had a great time walking the sidelines of the dome back then -- when I met Steve Young at the game against the LA Express at home, meeting other great players -- what an experience. Every year when Houston plays SMU, I spend time catching up with June Jones, and Albert Veytia (former assistant equipment man from the Gamblers). We had a great laugh telling stories about the Gambler reunion a couple of years ago -- told the story where Albert was looking for me and my mom -- and where did he find us, over at the bar getting Dad a beer! Ha… Funny stuff. It was great to see all the guys, and it was also great to see how much that time in our lives represented pride and excitement for so many.

God bless,

Ted Pardee


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