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Random comments from Houston-Gamblers.com Headquarters!

The "Super Agent" book by Dr. Jerry Argovitz, busting two packs of 1983 Topps football cards and a mystery package from Gamblers All-Time Team Member Scott Boucher!     March 2013

Pardee family news, Hunter's Hope, the Gamblers All-Time Team and two new game used jerseys.     Dec. 2012

Unrecorded lyrics to the team's version of "The Gambler" by Kenny Rogers, and debating the history of a circa 1979-80 Kevin McLain L.A. Rams jersey.     Oct. 2012

Darryl Clark's jersey, thrift shopping, computer wallpaper and Kenny Rogers!     July 2012

Four special jerseys are spotlighted... And a crazy idea to enhance the video blog falls flat.     June 2012

Examining early Gamblers franchise documents, as well as a vintage headband and pencil sharpener.     June 2012

Rare video footage directly from owner Dr. Jerry Argovitz.     Sept. 2010

Opening a Mystery Package from Gamblers founder Dr. Jerry Argovitz.     Aug. 2010

Recapping the historic 2010 Gamblers Reunion.     June 2010

Our promo for the Gamblers Reunion held on June 12, 2010.     May 2010

Video tribute to Gamblers lineman Scott Boucher.     Jan. 2010

Opening Two Packs of 1980 Topps Football Cards.     Sept. 2009

Kiki DeAyala and Darryl Clark play for the Longhorns in 1982.     June 2009

A look back at the Gamblers' record-breaking day on June 10, 1984.     April 2009

Collecting Non-Gamblers Memorabilia of Gamblers Players.     Sept. 2008

Comparing the Topps Football Cards of 1988 to 2008.     Sept. 2008


Anthony, Scott Boucher, Dee at the Astrodome (February, 2010)

Our attempt at a test podcast in February, 2010. Includes a very entertaining Scott Boucher (Gamblers player) interview segment. Thanks for suffering through the technical shortcomings! In the end, we decided our time would be better spent improving and expanding other features of the website. Here's the download link:

Podcast 01 02-09-2010