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Paying homage to the Gamblers' cheerleading squad!


Kailani is the Highrollers advisor for Houston-Gamblers.com. We will be working with her and adding Highrollers-related content to the site on an ongoing basis.

Thanks Kailani!

Talented, intelligent, personable and beautiful. These are just four of the adjectives associated with the Gamblers Highrollers.

The Highrollers, a unique combination of dance and cheer team, under the leadership of directors and choreographers Lea Geeslin and Terrence Karn, were selected through an audition process at the Houston Westin Galleria.  Although the Highrollers were extremely attractive, they were not chosen solely on looks. Their selection was based on a point system, entailing dance ability, personality, appearance and fitness.

The Highrollers' backgrounds were as diverse as the functions at which they represented the organization. The team was comprised of professional dancers, actresses, models, flight attendants, teachers, secretaries, students, and occupations in medicine and law.

An early Highrollers TV appearance, filmed on Feb. 7, 1984 (just two weeks after the squad was chosen!)

The Highrollers in action in the Dome on March 26, 1984.

1984 Highrollers



Tryouts for the 1984 Highroller squad were held at the Adam's Mark Hotel on January 22 and 23, 1984. On Monday morning, January 23, Gamblers' flagship radio station 104 KRBE broadcast the names of the dancers who made the squad. The "Highrollers" name was also announced for the first time, chosen from more than 2,000 name suggestions.

Lisa Barcia 
Tami Billger
Johnna Boyles
Julie Burrows
Van Cameron
Terri Craw
Thomasena Culbertson
Angela Curry
Gerry Dvoretsky
Amy Echols
Tatiana Fluent
Monica Fuertes
Barbara Gonsoulin
Leslie Henrici
Pam Imler
Donna Jackson
Vivian Jackson
Frances Logan
Kim Lowery
Debbie Martinez
Kailani Maurer
Deirdre Miller
Robin Mueschke
Carol Noriega
Stella Ogden
Frances Pinto
Debi Platt
Kim Ponton
Julie Postle
Sherri Rather
Robin Ray
Karla Self
 Lisa Strait
Mary Jo Wade
Lisa Wilson

1985 Highrollers




 Tatiana Anderson (Dance Captain)
Joyce Ball
Lisa Barcia
Renee Beard
Kathy Berry
Clarla Blackmon
Raenell Blake
Stella Ogden Bone
Johnna Boyles (Dance Captain)
Van Cameron (Vocal Cheer Designer)
Terri Craw
Thomasena Culbertson (Squad Leader)
Angela Curry
Lisa Daniels
Gerry Dvoretsky (Squad Leader)
Monica Fuertes
Carla Graham
Michelle Hatmaker
Leslie Henrici (Official Demonstrator)
Pam Imler
Vivian Jackson
Joy Kunz
Kim Lee
Lisa Mackey
Kailani Maurer
Joyce Mikle
Carol Noriega (Director's Assistant)
Frances Pinto (Dance Captain)
Debi Platt
Kim Ponton (Official Demonstrator)
Julie Postle (Dance Captain)
Sandy Ramirez
Michelle Rivers
Karla Self (Squad Leader)
Jean Shirley
Carolyn Sikora
Annette Vasquez
Lisa Weisz
Lisa Wilson (Asst. Choreographer/Squad Ldr.)
Martha Zabroky
Suzanne Zabroky
Amber Zeiler

Video clip of the 1984 Highrollers.