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Here you will find a variety of Gamblers game clips from 1984. Enjoy!

3-18-84  Generals at Gamblers -- Toni Fritsch's unexpected two-point conversion.

3-18-84  Generals at Gamblers -- Jim Kelly to Scott McGhee touchdown pass.

3-18-84  Generals at Gamblers -- Will Lewis intercepts a Brian Sipe pass and returns it for a touchdown.

3-26-84  Panthers at Gamblers -- Jim Kelly completes a pass to Sam Harrell

3-26-84  Panthers at Gamblers -- Mouse Davis and players walk to the locker room at halftime.

3-26-84  Panthers at Gamblers -- Jim Kelly to Clarence Verdin touchdown pass.

3-26-84  Panthers at Gamblers -- Todd Dillon to Greg Moser touchdown pass.

6-03-84  Gamblers at Gold -- Todd Fowler is interviewed on the sideline en route to his USFL single-game record of 206 rushing yards.

6-03-84  Gamblers at Gold -- Jim Kelly to Ricky Sanders touchdown pass.

6-03-84  Gamblers at Gold -- Kiki DeAyala lands a devastating blow against wide receiver Elmer Bailey.

6-10-84  Blitz at Gamblers -- Extensive highlights of the Gamblers' record-breaking day against Chicago, when the team set several pro football offensive records.  Added April 9, 2009

6-25-84  Showboats at Gamblers -- Reggie White sacks Jim Kelly.

6-25-84  Showboats at Gamblers -- Gerald McNeil returns a punt for a touchdown.

6-25-84  Showboats at Gamblers -- Pete Catan registers sack number 17 1/2 for the 1984 season.

6-25-84  Showboats at Gamblers -- Hollis Hall and Loyd Lewis tackle wide receiver Derrick Crawford for a large loss on a failed reverse play.

7-01-84 (Divisional Playoff) Showboats at Gamblers -- The Gamblers move the ball on their first offensive possession.

7-01-84 (Divisional Playoff) Showboats at Gamblers -- Future Gambler Luther Bradley intercepts a Jim Kelly pass. 

7-01-84 (Divisional Playoff) Showboats at Gamblers -- Linebacker Kiki DeAyala and crew shut down a Wrangler drive.