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Away Jersey   1985

The first thing I noticed when placing this Luther Bradley jersey on the manequin was how loosely it fit. Even though it is a size 44, it is actually much larger than some of the size 48 jerseys in my collection. The reason for this is simple -- this Bradley jersey does not have spandex sides and is a true size 44, whereas my size 48 jerseys with spandex sides are actually closer to size 42 after their factory modifications.


Gamblers gamers usually have a single tag on the lower front left tail (the exceptions are a few that were produced with a small "100%" Nylon" flag attached to the bottom of the tag). Russell Athletic manufactured all gamblers team jerseys, and a tag similar to the one pictured should always be affixed with white thread, regardless of whether it is a white or black jersey. Here's a closeup of the tag found on this Luther Bradley jersey.


A frontal view of the shirt. This jersey was dirty and very smelly when added to my collection, and I soon learned why... I video-matched it to the June 9, 1985 game against the Denver Gold in Mile High Stadium. The game was played during a torrential rain storm, and was even delayed for several minutes because of the adverse weather conditions.


A screen capture of the 1985 Gamblers at Gold game, where Luther Bradley wore this jersey.


A small hole in the red stripe on the left sleeve, as well as the uneven white space between the red and black sleeve stripes, was easily matched with the video (see above photo for comparison).


Two team repairs also adorn the top portion of the left sleeve.


This photo shows Bradley wearing the jersey with the shoulder rips before they were repaired (we're not sure which game this photo is from).


The rear view of the jersey reveals several more unique clues -- most noticeably, the uneven red border across the top of the number "7."


Even after a soapless wash in the cold cycle, the jersey nameplate still retains many of the dirt stains that originated from Mile High Stadium in 1985. A classic item used by the former Notre Dame All-American, USFL All-Time Interception Leader and heck of a nice guy to boot!


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