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You played with who...? When?

Over the years we've received several emails from folks who knew people claiming to have played for the Gamblers. Each of those times, the writer mentioned he did not see the name he was looking for on our website roster. And, each of those times, we had to email back and break the bad news:

We don't have a record of Mr. So-and-So playing for the club.

One emailer contacted us to ask about his son's football coach... Another contacted us regarding a co-worker. A police detective contacted us once while doing a background check (oooooohhh boooyyy....)

We've never felt the need to mention these emails -- because there's really no context in doing so -- but finally received an email on May 15, 2012 that was just too funny to keep to ourselves. This letter comes from Mark O., an officer for a Re-Entry Court in Texas. 

I hope you enjoy this brief letter as much as we did.

Hi Anthony,

My name is Mark and I was a Gamblers fan and frequent your website. I had to share an experience with you that happened yesterday, where I was able to use your website to expose an attorney claiming to have played for the Gamblers.

At first he talked about having played for SMU as a wide receiver during their championship years and that he had been drafted by the Gamblers as a wide receiver. This got my attention. There was something odd about him so I asked him what his name was and he said ***** ******. I went to my laptop to check your roster while listening him talk about a fist fight he got into with Jim Kelly (!?!) who was also his roommate (?!?). When I noted on your website there was not a ***** ****** on the roster, instead of confronting him with the info, I asked him what he remembered from the famous game in Los Angeles. Surely he would have alot to say having played wide receiver. He said yes, and that I needed to watch it on Google to get the story. He then quickly left our office.

I quickly spread my story about Mr. ******, and for others to be leary of him.

I really enjoy your website and please keep up the good work.

Mark O.