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Have a drink on me! 

We own two versions of the "Super Roll" cups, which were given away at home games. Two large dice were dropped from the ceiling of the Astrodome during halftime, and if they totaled a "7" or "11", free drinks would be distributed to all the fans in attendance. This version has a large Gamblers logo and team name on one side, while the other has the logos for 7-11 convenience stores, the City of Houston and Coke.



Version two of the Super Roll cup. The difference is the back side of the cup, which has a larger 7-11 logo and no Houston or Coke logos.



This cup was sold at the concession stands in the Astrodome during games. An old style two-bar helmet is found on one side, white the Gamblers and USFL logos are on the other. This particular style is smaller than the "Super Roll" cups listed above.


A cup purchased from the "Stop N Go" convenience chain in 1984. Graphics surround the cup, with a Stop N Go logo, Gamblers helmet, USFL logo, Gamblers logo, "HOUSTON GAMBLERS" team name and a drawing of a player running with the ball. This style seems tough to find.


While this cup has a large Gamblers logo with team name underneath, the majority of this cup is covered with the names and phone numbers of Houston-area Dodge dealers and drawings of five Dodge vehicles. Mac Haik Dodge, Gulf Coast Dodge, Mike Hall Dodge and Greenspoint Dodge are the dealerships mentioned.


This mug is made of clear plastic, with the "Harmony" company name branded on the bottom. The Gamblers helmet, pinstripes and team name are screened on the outside of the mug. As is the case with any graphics screened on a plastic mug, the colors run the risk of fading after multiple washes, as well as the risk of scratches.

This little condition-sensitive gem is a tough find.


Here's a classic, heavy shot glass with the Gamblers logo and team name screened on one side. The manufacturer is unknown.


This one-sided black coffee mug features the three-color Gamblers "G" logo and the team name in white. We're not sure of the manufacturer.


This white mug stands only 3 1/2 inches tall, and features the three-color Gamblers "G" logo and team name in gray on one side. It carries the 1983 USFL copyright, which is often found on Gamblers pennants, shirts and other memorabilia (the copyright does not indicate the year of issue).


This white mug is slightly larger than the one pictured above (just over 3 1/2 inches tall, and about a 1/2 inch wider). Like the other two mugs, the graphics are printed on one side (the "G" team logo in three colors, as well as the team name in gray). This version features a gold-leaf strip that runs horizontally across the top of the mug. The manufacturer is unknown.