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Ready for you wall!

This pennant has "HOUSTON GAMBLERS" printed in silver. The helmet is facing to the left and has the "older" style facemask. We believe this pennant is the most common version produced for the Gamblers.


This pennant has "HOUSTON GAMBLERS" printed in silver. The helmet is facing to the right and has the "newer" style facemask. We believe this version is scarcer than the one pictured above.


The pennant to the right is harder to find than either of the two helmet pennants listed above. Instead of a full helmet, this version features a large Gamblers "G" logo. A somewhat tough find.


The "Opening Day" pennant is by far the toughest version of the four. It looks similar to the first pennant listed above, but has an additional message to the right that reads "OPENING DAY, MARCH 18, 1984." Very rarely is one offered for sale.


The 1984 Gamblers team photo poster was sponsored by Coca-Cola and Stop-N-Go Markets. A detachable coupon offering a free can of Coke or Diet Coke is found on the left side of the poster.


A 1985 Gamblers schedule poster, featuring Jim Kelly and Richard Johnson. Sponsored by Lite Beer. We have never seen a 1984 version and aren't sure one even exists.


"The Gambler" poster from 1984 featuring a sexy Jim Kelly on the hood of a Corvette. Sponsored by the Houston Post and Ron Carter Chevrolet.


"The Greatest Gambler" poster from early 1985, featuring Jim Kelly. Sponsored by Pizza Inn and the Houston Post. Contains two coupons at the bottom (expired on June 2, 1985), offering a free Gamblers poster and "$9.99 Meal Deal."


"The Highrollers" cheerleader poster, circa 1984. Sponsored by Lite Beer.


This 1984 schedule poster is made of heavy cardboard and has its own easel attached to the back. While Lite Beer seemed to be the primary alcohol sponsor of the Gamblers, this schedule was sponsored by Coors.